Rs. 4,230
Turn to the pure white Carla for a fashionable twist. This season we are bridging an uber cool style scene with solid staples. Consists of a unique combination of shades from #debasreee, d/ssert which is a stunning hot pink and d/luscious which is a mustard yellow.

Scoop out a desired portion of the cream into the inner lid with a mixing spoon or spatula. Take a clean liner brush of your choice, dip it in water and swirl it into the pigment cream to activate it. Then go ahead & apply it on your face or body as desired. Wipe the wet area on the lid with a dry tissue or cloth until the next use.


For external use only, store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Make sure to wipe out the wet area after use for hygienic reasons, alternatively you can also scoop out the cream on a mixing tray and then mix it with water if you do not wish to use the inner lid for the same.